My father Eliseo Dorbolo', having lived for a long time to Vernasso, had ever heard took about this Tria from farmers and hunters.
In 1988 we were localize it, not without difficulties, as it is in an isolated area, very far for the village, and without clear reference points. The particularity of this incision is that, in addition to the Tria drawing, at the bottom of that rock there are 12 crosses, with arms equal, some of which have enlarged ends, typical Templar symbolism. Another feature that makes it unique is that, having been built on a large boulder has never been possible to move it, so it is exactly in its original location.
Observing, I was immediately surprised by his strange position, in relation to the stone surface, it is totally misaligned respect to the natural symmetry of the boulder. Later, with a compass, I have verified that it is instead perfectly centered in the four cardinal points, as if those who had made intentionally decided to focus on the rise and fall of the sun.
I believe that this Tria has very ancient origins, and that other engravings,(all the crosses), have been added later, to indicate the right way to Antro’s Cave, very important ceremonial site, at first for the Pagan peoples, and then for the Christians.